Moved to Wordpress

I have officially moved to Wordpress.com.

You can find my new blog here at williamtwitty.wordpress.com


To Paint With Light

I found this creative video on YouTube featuring light painting.

As you can see, light painting can get pretty crazy. I plan to play with this method again soon. This quarter has been very busy at school, but hopefully I will find free time to paint with light once more. If you want to learn more about how to paint with light, click here to watch a tutorial.

The Mechanic

Well I updated my Flickr account. I have named this image The Mechanic. I took this shot of my father for my environmental assignment in photojournalism. This image is not the approved choice, but it is probably my favorite out of the bunch. Of course I am not done editing the image but this is the current result.

The Mechanic


Newsweek’s Top Photo Editor Leaving

I found an article on PDN discussing layoffs and deep cuts in the magazine advertising industry.

Newsweek’s director of photography Simon Barnett, a nine-year veteran of the magazine, says he will leave his position after the end of the year.Three other Newsweek photo staffers—deputy director of photography Susanne Miklas, photo coordinator Leah Latella, and senior photo budget administrator Peter Schleissner—lost their jobs in layoffs this week.”

It is truly terrible so many people are losing jobs in every market. A powerful blow to every company and employee. I hope this crisis is resolved soon.


Making Progress

Well unfortunately we weren’t able to attend the art festival tonight. It was just one of those moments where life and time had an argument and something had to be postponed. The good news is the deFINE Art Festival doesn’t end until the 14th so that gives us a little more time.

More good news is that I finally have my fill flash picked.


I also spoke with Mrs. Finch on my photo essay ideas but they aren’t sending off that strong of a vibe so I will continue searching for a story.


Today I plan on getting a lot done as far a planning and shooting goes. Brittany, Cooper and I will be spending the afternoon shooting (due to the beautiful weather). Also I have about three ideas for my photo essay which I need to clarify with Mrs. Finch. Later tonight we will be attending the SCAD deFINE Art Fine Arts Festival in Atlanta. I will be posting pictures later tonight of todays shoot and what I captured at the festival. For anyone needing further incentive to attend this thing, admission and food are both free!

New Banner & Template

Well I have tossed around WordPress’s list of templates and designs for a week now. I believe this template will be my permanent choice for my WordPress blog, at least until I can manage a server and all of the files on my blog and future website. I also updated the banner with my full name. I prefer this template simply because it is well organized and structured. It also resembles the template on my Blogger blog “Twitty Photography” so there isn’t much to change. Hope everyone likes the layout!


Holiday Portraits Begin!

Well tomorrow marks the first day of our Holiday Portraits! I don't know about everyone else but I am nervous as can be. This is a whole new experience and I am confident I will do my best, I just hope my best is good enough. I do know working together as a team will help everything go smoothly with everyone so as long as we maintain our efficiency as a group, we can fly through this. Let the shooting commence!